MPH Complimented for Appleby Floods Clean-up work

Metcalfe Plant Hire Ltd (MPH) have received compliments from Local and Central Governments, private organisations and the general public for their excellent work undertaken in the clean up operations at the Appleby Flooding and throughout Cumbria and the North of England

MPH are continuing to work throughout the County undertaking clean-up works, road & highway repairs, temporary bridge repair and protection works, earthworks to landslips, general plant hire and various other works. MPH have also provided machinery to load the skips, wagons etc., with the flood damaged furniture and household goods from the properties sustaining flood damage in Carlisle.

Sweeper on BBC News - Carlisle Floods Dec 2015

MPH were “on-call” throughout the Christmas/New Year period to the Environmental Agency for emergency response and support.

Click on the link below to read the letter of compliment from Eden District Council.